OMM Restructures to Achieve Market Goals

Rob Grimmond By: Rob Grimmond 07 March 2013
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Restructuring to maintain flexibility and service ideals to Clients 

Offshore Marine Management Ltd (OMM), the UK's independent services provider to the renewables, telecoms and hydrocarbon industries, has commenced a restructuring programme to centralise its core business and all support functions around its operational base in Cambridge.

OMM has always been known as an adaptive, flexible and innovative company. The forthcoming changes to the previous structure are yet another adaptation to current market trends which have seen many projects, especially in the renewable sector, delayed by many months and the outlook for the offshore cable industry being in disarray. Such changes have encouraged the company to understake a rethink of its services and to rebuild in order that it cannot only weather current storms, but is consequently well placed to take up the challenge of improving market conditions forecast for the near future. 

This programme calls for a number of significant changes to the company's business model, the most significant of which sees the consolidation of the offices and the transfer of major functions moved to Cambridge. OMM firmly believes that the integration of office services into the operational office setting will have a very positive effect on the company, both internally and externally, and will ensure more efficient support of operations whilst improving cost control and profitability for the entire business.

Although the restructuring will result in a reduction of permanent staff, the company is further evolving the model used by many larger organisations throughout industry. This model services projects by using temporary personnel in periods of high activity and will permit the company to improve its flexible response to customer's needs. OMM is fortunate in having a significant pool of highly experienced personnel available to respond to its needs at short notice and can therefore maintain continuity of service to its Clients.

''Change Management is always a difficult process'' says Rob Grimmond, OMM Managing Director. ''OMM is a company which intends to be here for the long run and, to ensure this, we need to make certain that we are well prepared to address our customer's needs from a position of strength and flexibility. We see this programme as a very positive move in a difficult market and one which gaurentees the provision of our services to our current and future Clients and further improves our potential for future growth in the market place.''

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