Guard Vessel Contracts for OMM

By:  07 December 2012
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Offshore Marine Management signs several contracts with cable suppliers and installers for upcoming Offshore Wind Interconnector installations. 

In the beginning of 2012, OMM signed several contracts with cable suppliers and installers for the upcoming Offshore Wind Interconnector installations (BorWin2, HelWin1, Dolwin1, SylWin1, Helwin2) for auxiliary works and supply and management of Guard Vessels.

OMM has currently 21 Guard Vessels under management on exposed cable sections, cable crossings and joint locations. OMM is using its German subsidiary company,  based in Hamburg, for project management and active control (with the in-house Marine Management System "EPOCH") of these contracts.

Since the first Offshore Wind Interconnector cable was installed in German Waters (Alpha Ventus/BorWin1) in 2009, Offshore Marine Management has been actively involved in the supply and management of Guard Vessel operations (Verkehrssicherungsschiffe) in the German part of the North Sea, protecting the cable installation operations in harsh conditions.  OMM provide a full management solution to our clients.

Eckhard Bruckschen, Operations Director, stated: "These contracts have underlined OMM's position in the German Offshore Wind Market. However, due to tighter regulations and frequent controls by the German Marine Authorities, the selection and supply of these vessels has been more challenging than in previous years. A challenge which OMM has met to become the leading supplier of Guard Vessel management services in offshore wind. "



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