Offshore Marine Management protect Mexican telecommunications infrastructure

By:  29 January 2013
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Specialist offshore marine consultancy provide protection for fibre optic submarine cable


Offshore Marine Management (OMM), an independent services provider to the renewables, telecoms and hydrocarbon industries, has completed a contract for Telmex, Latin America's largest telecommunications organisation to supervise and assist with repairs to the shore-end section of an existing fibre optic connection between the Mexican mainland and the island of Cozumel.

Following OMM's review and recommendations, OMM was tasked with remedial work on an existing optical fibre network by installing protective pipe onto the submarine cable section in order to provide protection and prolong its operational lifespan. Environmentally friendly protection using specialised material is currently under consideration.

The project comes as Telmex continues to expand and secure its telecommunications infrastructure throughout its network. Protecting such assets is crucial as the company looks to ensure reliable telecommunication services for personal and business users across the region.

"We are currently witnessing an increased demand for cable protection works as cable owners seek to protect their valuable investments and maintain not only the integrity of their assets but also their operational lifespan. This also helps companies such as Telmex ensure continuity of service provision to their customers." said Eckhard Bruckschen, Projects Director, Offshore Marine Management.

"As testament to OMM's team on the  ground, the work was completed in a record time, despite the crew being tasked with installing many tonnes of split pipe in daylight only operations." he added.

Telmex Management commented, "As the leader in Latin American telecommunications, Telmex strives to provide the best service possible to its customers and continues to make every effort to ensure the integrity of its networks. This means that we rely on firms with the expertise of OMM to assist us in maintaining our standards."


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