Operations & Maintenance

Combining proactivity and rapid response for maximum efficiency.

Offshore Marine Management recognises the risk a harsh marine environment presents to subsea assets; our proactive approach to Operations & Maintenance (O&M) mitigates risk by delivering both preventative maintenance services and cable repair response plans to maintain system integrity.

Our Operations & Maintenance Services include:

  • O&M support facility in strategic location:
    • Cuxhaven, Germany
  • Cable storage facilities in:
  • Nordenham, Germany
  • Harwich, UK
  • Capability assessment and recommendations
  • Emergency response plans
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Asset management

We endeavour to protect and prolong the life of subsea assets by delivering proactive services which act to prevent failures. We assess the potential risk to subsea assets with our clients to ensure the level of O&M service provision is both proportionate and compliant with the requirements of the system owners, stakeholders and legislative authorities.

For optimum effectiveness, we utilise a combination of data analysis, physical inspections and strategic planning to provide a comprehensive O&M strategy. These key services are further supported by our in-house solutions, including bespoke cable emergency response plans, vessel tracking reports and our EPOCH software, which collates and manages high quality historical and real time data.

We develop tailored risk mitigation solutions and, where required, remedial works plans including cable repair and replacement.

Clients engaging our Operation & Maintenance services also contracted us for:  

  • Mattress installation and cable protection
  • Warranty services: evidentiary and repair
  • CDM/QHSE compliance
  • Consultancy and project management


We pride ourselves on our flexibility, enabling our clients to select services as they require, to create a tailor made, project specific package.